Songs for and about folks of all ages creating a just world. An educational multilingual, multi -genre  album 

       Chicago, Country

        "an exercise in grace and beauty"  

      Steve Thorpe, singer-song writer, novelist, journalist

“ This diverse collection of music, beautifully performed, will inspire any listener to sing along, perhaps engage in some acts of bravery, too!  Congratulations on creating this fantastic collection of songs, certain to inspire and inform all who listen. This is an important contribution to political songs.  Bravo to 'Brave Songs!'"
Anne Feeney    labor singer-songwriter-activist, 2005 Joe Hill Award,    
Bruce “Utah”  Phillips:   “ [Anne is] the greatest labor singer in North America”

"Mountain Bluebird" song:  " Linda, this song has just opened my heart and soul and put it on wings. Your poetry, the quality of your voice, the way you deliver this beautiful,beautiful honoring of the bluebird is just amazing."

                          Dorothy Cresswell, singer-songwriter

     children's music performer and host of the award-winning

     The Curious Giraffe Show, public television -  Amherst, MA

"An awesome song. Thank you!"

   Amnesty International Midwest


     "Black Hills Comfort"  &  "The Forest Island:  Songs of the Black Hills" CD releases:  

    "Black Hills Comfort"  is an album of "feel good" songs, story-songs about people, places and the beauty of the Black Hills.  These 18 songs (16 original)  include songs for all ages, and songs of our sacred Paha Sapa. 

    "The Forest Island..." album contains  16 songs for children, families and educators.   Songs range from those about various birds, to elk and bison, the geology of the Black Hills, favorite places and people, to our water resources (Pactola Reservoir and the Missouri River).  A companion booklet includes song lyrics, stories, color illustrations (with B&W color sheets), lessons for grades 2-8, and graphic organizers for each song.  Lessons include several content areas along with educational standards for reading, writing, vocabulary, the arts, math, science and social studies.  The booklet will be available through, little and

    Linda will be available for special educational programs with the songs, lessons and projects for students.  ** For those not in South Dakota, this album and its educational booklet will provide creative and educational additions to curriculum.

    These original songs are inspired by Roots, Americana, Old Time, Blues and  traditional.

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